Kicking those "Not Good Enough Lies" to the Curb!

The Letting Love In Book Club is not your average book club — I mean who are we kidding, you don't even need the book!

Learning to let Love into your life will be the best journey you will ever embark on. 

It will be healing, refreshing and hope filled. 

We will discuss the lies that keep us from love. The love of God, the love of ourselves and the love of others.  

You will be encouraged to ask the Father what He thinks about certain situations in your life. You will explore asking Him for visions, much like they did in Scripture. Asking for His wisdom (James 1:5.)-- My personal favorite and most used Scripture. 

We will wonder through the depths and enjoy new ways of connecting to the One who loves your most. It may be you and your journal or it may be you and a group of girlfriends!  

Welcome to the Letting Love in Book Club

The Lie of Worry


Watch Session #1

The Lie of Discouragement


Watch Session #2

The Lie of Fantasy


Watch Session #3

The Lie of Unforgiveness


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The Lie of Control


Watch Session #5

The Lie of Unworthiness


Watch Session #6

The Lie of Rejection and Abandonment

You did it! Final Session of the Letting Love In Book Club! Congratulate Yourself! Session #7!